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Knowledge, Skills, and Attitude for Responsible Firearm Ownership


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The Center for Firearm Safety and Training announces the following course is open for registration. once a sufficient number of students "sign up" on the waiting list to schedule the next class:

NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Class
Sept 26-27,  Oct 4, 2015          
Outdoor Sportsman's Club

     (Follow this link for class times, more details)
NRA Personal Protection in the Home
June 22 - July 1
Outdoor Sportsman's Club
      (Follow this link for class times, more details)



NRA Basic Pistol Shooting

NRA Basic Pistol is recommended for all handgun owners, especially new handgun owners and anyone contemplating the purchase of their first handgun.

Classes are being offered at the Outdoor Sportsman's Club in State College, PA. and at Standing Stone Hunting & Fishing Association in Huntingdon, PA.

Sign up by following the link above.

Pending are additional Basic Pistol classes planned for sometime later in the year.  (These classes will be opened for registration as soon as dates and times are confirmed).

NRA Personal Protection in the Home

NRA Personal Protection in the Home is an advanced handgun course for graduates of the Basic Pistol course.  It is recommended for persons concerned with their personal safety, security in their home, and anyone wishing to take the next steps beyond the basics in their handgun skills.

The advance shooting skills you will learn in this course are invaluable for developing your   confidence to deal with stress in a defensive situation.  Legal and psychological aspects of the right to self defense will be addressed.  You'll have plenty of opportunities to shoot; you'll need about 250 rounds to complete the course.

Two classes are being considered for this summer.  The first class is scheduled for late June (June 22 - July 1).  The second class is anticipated to be held in August provided there is sufficient interest. 

This is not a class for beginners!  You must have a Certificate from the NRA Basic Pistol Shooting course or be able to pass a Pre-Course Qualification.

Our classes feature enhanced range exercises conducted by a team of very experienced NRA Certified Instructors.  We understand the learning process.  Our students receive personalized one-on-one range instruction.


All new handgun owners and anyone interested in purchasing their first handgun is strongly encouraged to seek safety training.  All Center for Firearm Safety and Training courses are conducted by experienced NRA Certified Instructors.

Anyone interested in taking one of our basic courses in 2015 is welcome to sign up on a waiting list via e-mail.  We'll notify you first when courses are announced and open for registration.  (In your e-mail, you're welcome to suggest the most convenient class meeting days/times.)  Send your information to  NRAinstructor@outdrs.net.  (Please specify Prospective Student and the course title in the subject line.)






The OSC Center for Firearm Safety and Training

Knowledge, Skills, and Attitude for Responsible Firearm Ownership

News Updates:

All Basic Pistol course graduates are invited to practice their shooting skills by participating in the weekly Thursday Night Outdoor Pistol Practice League at the Outdoor Sportsman's Club.

More News:

Our Dedicated Training Range - also known as Pit Range #1 - at the Outdoor Sportsman's Club is a 25-yard pit-style range 10 yards wide.  The  covered firing line can comfortably accommodate 5 student shooters and instructors.  The range layout is flexible to support a variety of target, defensive, and action pistol activities.  Targets can be placed at varying distances with everyone shooting off the new shooting bench (as they will during Basic Pistol classes), or shooters can move forward to shoot from different locations on the range with the targets fixed at the far end of the range (as they will during Personal Protection classes).  The range is just wide enough to accommodate action pistol training and small matches (for example, 6-position PPC and 3-position Los Alamitos).  IDPA-style and Cowboy Action Shooting events with paper, cardboard, and steel targets are also supported, since the range was constructed originally to support these activities.

This range is reserved for training activities.  Instructors have priority access, limited only by reserved training activities (scheduled) and scheduled matches.  When not being used by instructors, this range is open for use by club members.

NOTE:  All Pit Range Rules and Club Rules still apply on this range.
                 Specifically, the picnic table is NOT a shooting bench!
Anyone caught shooting off the picnic table is subject to club disciplinary 
                 procedures (i.e., suspension).



The Center for Firearm Safety and Training is a 4-way partnership among instructors, students, sponsoring organizations (clubs, groups, or served agencies for which instruction is being provided), and the NRA.  It is organized as an academic unit, allowing the instructors to operate (somewhat) independently of the sponsoring agency.


The Center for Firearm Safety and Training web site is hosted by the Web Space Outlet in State College, Pa.

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