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As a service to our members, the following e-mail form can be used to report a problem with equipment or facilities directly to the Building & Grounds Committee.  Every attempt should be made to contact Building & Grounds at the earliest opportunity.

Notice:  We received over 100 emails of the old form every day.  This isn't just spam anymore; it's a full frontal cyber-attack directed at gun-related web sites!  Accordingly, the e-mail reply feature has been disabled.  Do NOT click on the Submit button. 

To use this form, fill it out, then drag your mouse diagonally across the dashed line box to select the form.  Right-click to copy the form to your clipboard.
Click on the person to receive the problem report (usually Building & Grounds).  This should open your e-mail program with a new message to the selected person.  In the body of the message, right-click to paste the form into the e-mail message.  Don't forget to send it.

Sorry for the inconvenience.  If this is too much work, just send a brief e-mail message directly to the officer in charge of the area with the problem.

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    Report a Problem @ OSC

                    Note: Problems with the security access gate should be reported directly to Jim.
                                                                                     Problems with summer mowing should be reported directly to Dave.
                                      Problems with the trap field should be reported directly to Mark.
                                                                                     Problems with the website should be reported directly to Eric.


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Send report to Building & Grounds.