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Horseshoe Amateur Radio Club Examiners

I'm Eric, KE3TJ, VE Team Liaison with the ARRL/VEC for the Horseshoe Amateur Radio Club Examiners.  I've been a Volunteer Examiner since March 1997 and maintain Extra Class VE credentials with the ARRL/VEC.  I formed this exam team in August 2000.

HARCE's goal is to offer amateur radio license examinations on a regular schedule, about every 3 months.  Whenever possible, the exam schedule will be coordinated with testing teams in surrounding counties.  In this manner local amateurs can expect that an exam session will be available within reasonable driving distance every month.

This VE team operates under the sponsorship of the Horseshoe Amateur Radio Club.  Although most of our Volunteer Examiners are members of the Horseshoe Amateur Radio Club, the exam team is a separate entity.  We operate independently of the club.  Financially, we are completely independent.  The club helps the exam team by providing access to the meeting room for the exams and with publicity.  The exam team helps the club by providing examination services for its members which helps to maintain the club's Full-Service status.

Membership or activity with the Horseshoe Amateur Radio Club or any other radio club is not a requirement to serve as a VE.  Accreditation with a VEC is required.

This exam team is directly responsible to the ARRL VEC (and to the FCC, as are we all).   Accreditation with the ARRL/VEC is highly recommended since we follow the policies, procedures, and regulations of this VEC.


I invite your comments via e-mail: ke3tjVE@outdrs.net.