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FEMA's Emergency Management Institute home study courses are self-paced courses designed for both the general public and those who have emergency management responsibilities.  They are excellent programs for active Amateur Radio Emergency Service members.  I highly recommend them.

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Each EMI Independent Study course includes lessons with practice exercises and a final examination.  There are no prerequisites or enrollment fees.  The average course completion time is claimed to be 10-12 hours.  Those who score 75 percent or better are issued a certificate of completion by EMI.  It is possible to earn academic credit for the courses.

The Independent Study courses designed for the general public are available on FEMA's EMI web site.  (Note that official enrollment and scoring of final exams is limited to United States citizens.)  The course materials are provided as Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (.pdf) files.  It is highly recommended that students download the course material files and view them off-line at their convenience, saving time and money for Internet connect charges.  The free Acrobat Reader needed to view the files can also be downloaded.  (Once the files you want are download into the desired directory, open the Acrobat Reader program and then open the files you want to view or print.)

Students who officially enroll online will receive printed course materials.  Note that once you enroll in a course, you must complete that course prior to enrolling in additional courses.  This means that you must have submitted the final examination and received either passing or failing notification before enrolling for another course.  Course materials will not be processed for a student with an open course enrollment.

Our Emergency Coordinator recommends everyone take the IS-2 course, then if interested, take the IS-1 course.


The following Independent Study courses are available online (as of March 21, 2000):

All of these courses are available in printed format.

For further information, visit the EMI Independent Study home page.