Horseshoe Amateur Radio Club

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The Horseshoe Amateur Radio Club, Inc. is an ARRL Special Service Club serving amateur radio operators in Blair and surrounding counties.  The 50+ member club is active in providing emergency and public service communications and classes and testing for those interested in becoming ham radio operators.  The HARC maintains and operates two 2-meter repeaters, W3QZF and W3QW,  and a 70-cm repeater, W3VO, all located on Wopsononock Mountain.  The club members participate in Field Day, operate occasional special event stations, contest, and conduct social and educational activities of interest to hams.  The HARC invites all local amateur radio operators to join.  Contact an officer for further information.

W3QZF Repeater:  146.610 MHz - PL 123.0 Hz
W3QW Repeater:   146.820 MHz - PL 123.0 Hz
W3VO Repeater:    444.600 MHZ - PL 123.0 Hz



Key Personnel:

Office Name E-Mail Address
President Brian Fornwalt, N3ZQY
Vice-President Chris Venesky, KA3JIB
Secretary Tom Cooney, Jr., W3SF
Treasurer Emma Venesky, N3VRN



Regular Events:

Event Date/Time Venue
Monthly Meeting

2nd Thursday
7:00 pm

Blair County 911 and Emergency Management Center, 615 Fourth Street, Altoona, Pa.
Monthly Breakfast

1st Saturday
9:00 am

King's Family Restaurant, 3000 6th Ave. Altoona, Pa.
Weekly HARC Net Sundays
7:00 pm
(146.610 MHz   PL 123.0 Hz)
Weekly ARES 10-Meter Net Mondays
8:00 pm
28.450 MHz
Weekly ARES 2-Meter Net Tuesdays
8:00 pm
(146.820 MHz   PL 123.0 Hz)
Weekly HARC 2-Meter Simplex Net Wednesdays
8:00 pm
147.540 MHz 
Daily Over the Hill Net M - F
8:00 am
(146.610 MHz   PL 123.0 Hz)
Annual Field Day June 25-26, 2016 TBA
"Annual" Campout
Annual Picnic Highland Park, Altoona, Pa.
Annual Christmas Party December 10, 2015 TBA

Visit the Official HARC web site