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Are you interested in joining our VE team?

In addition to accredited Volunteer Examiners, HARCE also has need for the services of non-VE volunteers.  Licensed and unlicensed volunteers can assist with publicity, correspondence, candidate registration, securing room reservations, purchasing supplies, and promoting amateur radio.


New ARRL Volunteer Examiner Manual Now Online (Feb 15, 2008) --

The Ninth Edition of the ARRL/VEC VE Manual is now online on the ARRL VE Web site.  This manual is the most complete source on the Amateur Radio Volunteer Examiner Program.  It has everything you need to know in order to be an ARRL Volunteer Examiner.

To use this form, fill it out, then drag your mouse diagonally across the dashed line box to select the form.  Right-click to copy the form to your clipboard.  Do NOT click on the Submit button. 
Click on the email address after the form.  This should open your e-mail program with a new message to the exam team leader.  In the body of the message, right-click to paste the form into the e-mail message.  Don't forget to send it.

Sorry for the inconvenience.  If this is too much work, just send a brief e-mail message directly to the exam team leader.

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HARCE VE Team Registration


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Send Registration to the HARCE Team Liaison, Eric, KE3TJ.