HARC Public Service Event Schedule

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The tradition of public service is as old as amateur radio itself.  In fact, the FCC recognizes the value of amateur radio's public service role in the rules which define the Amateur Radio Service:

Recognition and enhancement of the value of the amateur service to the public as a voluntary noncommercial communication service, particularly with respect to providing emergency communications  [97.1(a)].

WhenAllElseFails-small.png 150 x 150Public service events are excellent opportunities for hams to acquire valuable training, improve on-air skills, and test equipment (sometimes beyond design limits, especially batteries and antennas).  Hams also provide an important contribution to the safety and well-being of their communities through public service.

The Horseshoe Amateur Radio Club and many other radio clubs and individual ham volunteers will provide communications services during the public events listed below.  All amateurs are welcome to assist.  Use the e-mail form to volunteer or to request additional information.  You may also contact the club during the Sunday Evening Net, 7 pm, on W3QZF/R, 146.61/01 MHz, PL 123.0 Hz.

2019 Date Event Agency Venue Times Coordinator
April 6
Trail Run Allegheny Trailrunners Canoe Creek State Park 7:00 PM
---12:30 PM
April 28
MS Walk MS Society Hollidaysburg 1:00 PM
---3:00 PM
Tom, W3SF
July 4
Intown Altoona Race Altoona Running Club & YMCA Altoona 8:00 AM
---10:00 AM
Saturday & Sunday
July 20-21
MS Keystone Country 150-Mile Bike Ride MS Society Hollidaysburg to State College 6:45 AM
---4:00 PM
Drew, KA3EJV
August 3
Canoe Creek Triathlon YMCA Canoe Creek State Park 9:00 AM
---11:30 AM
Tom, W3SF
September 14
Rockin-the-Knob Trail Run & Marathon Allegheny Trailrunners Blue Knob State Park 6:00 
--- 5:00 PM
Saturday & Sunday
Oct. 17-18
Jamboree On The Air
Boy Scouts & Girl Scouts of America TBA 12:01 AM Saturday
---11:59 PM

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