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Publicity for exam sessions is available from several sources:

Financing the team's efforts comes in part from the examination fee paid by each exam candidate.  The fee completely covers the administrative cost of the exam.  Some initial (start-up) expenses were financed by team member loans.

Essential recordkeeping, exam registration, version control, VE credentials, inventory, and session administration are greatly assisted by a custom Access database developed and maintained by the team liaison, Eric, KE3TJ.

In the future we may need to acquire (or build) some specialized equipment to administer exams to candidates with specific physical disabilities.

    Notice:  Beginning March 1, 2006, Atlantic Broadband began charging non-profit organizations $5 per day to advertise public service announcements on their text-based community information channel, discontinuing what had previously been a free public service.
    This cost is far beyond the means of the HARCE exam team, so we will no longer be able to use this resource to advertise our exams to the local community.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
    We will continue to announce our exam sessions over the air, in the Community pages of the Altoona Mirror and via the web at the ARRL's exam session search web site.

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