New Technician HF Priviledges

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New Technician HF Privileges

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When the 5 WPM Morse code requirement officially disappeared from the Amateur Radio Service Part 97 rules on Friday, February 23, 2007, applicants for  General or Amateur Extra class Amateur Radio licenses no longer had to demonstrate proficiency in Morse code.  They just have to pass the applicable written examination.


The FCC has also ordered that all Technician licensees present and future, whether or not they've passed a Morse code test, now get CW privileges on 80, 40, and 15 meters and CW, RTTY, data, and SSB privileges on 10 meters.   These  privileges are identical to those of Novice licensees.  Technicians may begin using their new privileges without any further action now that the new rules have gone into effect.

The first no-code license in the US was the Technician ticket, instituted in 1991.

Technicians can upgrade to General by passing the Element 3 written exam and to Amateur Extra by also passing the Element 4 written exam.  No Morse code test will be required.

Band Frequency (MHz) Mode Max. Power (PEP)
80 meters 3.525 - 3.600 CW 200 watts
40 meters 7.025 - 7.125 CW 200 watts
15 meters 21.025 - 21.200 CW 200 watts
10 meters 28.000 - 28.300 CW, RTTY, data 200 watts
  28.300 - 28.500 CW, SSB phone 200 watts

Any Amateur Radio licensee who wishes may use Morse code on any amateur frequencies they are authorized to use -- except the five USB-only channels at 5 MHz.



All radio amateurs are advised to know and fully understand their operating privileges before taking to the airwaves.

The ARRL has posted all relevant information on these important Part 97 rule revisions on its "FCC's Morse Code Report and Order WT Docket 05-235" Web page:


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