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Welcome to the Horseshoe Amateur Radio Club Examiners (HARCE) Volunteer Examiner information page.  The purpose of this site is to provide information to members of our VE team, including our schedule of examinations, a listing of examination statistics, statements of team policies, and a registration form to join the team.

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Volunteer Examiners:

Please visit the new Exam Session Confirmation page to notify your Team Liaison of your intention to participate at an upcoming HARCE exam session.  This will greatly alleviate concerns that we'll have enough volunteers to run the session!


2019 exam sessions are planned for


The current examination question pools are posted on the ARRL/VEC Amateur Exam Question Pools Web page  http://www.arrl.org/arrlvec/pool.html.


Grandfather Credits:

No grandfather credit can be accepted unless the candidate holds a Technician license or has current Element 2 exam credit.  Candidates can claim grandfather credit if they once held a Novice or Technician license.

Per FCC rules, holding an expired General, Advanced, or Extra class license affords no credit based on holding the higher class license; credit may be afforded based on holding an earlier Novice or Technician license.

For the parameters of this grandfather credit see http://www.arrl.org/arrlvec/grandfather.html.

If you have any questions, feel free to call the ARRL VEC for any clarification.

Ref: ve-list@arrl.org, Bart J. Jahnke, W9JJ Manager ARRL VEC, 18 Jun 2003.


It is the stated policy of HARCE that: "Candidates claiming element credits for old and/or expired licenses must provide legible documentation and copies to prove the validity (date and license class) of such claims."

Furthermore,  "It is the responsibility of the examinee to provide all of the documentation required to support any claim for grandfather credit prior to an examination session."


This VE team operates under the sponsorship of the Horseshoe Amateur Radio Club.  HARCE's goal is to offer amateur radio license examinations on a regular schedule, about every 3 months.  Whenever possible, the exam schedule will be coordinated with testing teams in surrounding counties.  We hope to assure local amateurs that an exam session will be available within reasonable driving distance every month.

With sufficient local Volunteer Examiners on the team, we can operate without imposing an undue demand on any individual examiner, affording each VE an opportunity to serve once per year.

All current Volunteer Examiners, regardless of affiliation (or lack thereof) with the Horseshoe Amateur Radio Club, are invited to register with our team.  (Go to the Registration Form page.)

VE's active with neighboring testing teams are invited to keep us informed of their testing schedule.  We will gladly include this information on our exam web page.

License Candidates:

For information on HARCE's exam schedule and to pre-register for an exam, visit our exam page: HARCE Amateur Radio Exams.


I invite your comments (and your interest in joining the team) via e-mail.

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