Application for Membership

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This form will give you an idea of what to expect when you complete an application to join the Starlight Astronomy Club.  Applications are available from the club secretary.  You may also join at a club meeting.

NOTICE: Due to numerous abuses, online applications are no longer being accepted!
To join, you can print out this page and submit the application in person at the next meeting.
(If you insist, you may join online by paying the $100 Online Application Fee
per application submitted within the past year!)

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State: Home Phone:
Zip: Work Phone:
County: E-Mail:

Membership Class:


(Check any that apply)

Amateur Telescope Making Minor Planets Administration
Astrophotography Novae/Supernovae Computation
Aurora Occultations Education
Comets Planets Finance
Double Stars Radio Astronomy Newsletter/Web Site Design
Deep-Sky Objects Satellite Tracking Stellar Photometry
Lunar Software Stellar Spectroscopy
Meteors Solar Variable Stars


Astronomy Education: (select one) Amateur Experience: (select one)


Beginner (still waiting for someone to show me)


Casual Amateur (a few times per year)

Some college courses

Frequent Observer (monthly)

Astronomy-related degree

Dedicated Amateur (almost weekly)

Some graduate-level courses

Obsessed (almost every clear night)

Professional Astronomer


Do you own a telescope?     Yes     No



Focal Length:


Do you own binoculars?    Yes     No




Do you read Sky & Telescope?     Yes     No
Do you read Astronomy?              Yes     No


Do you have any skills or resources useful to our members?
(For example: dark mountain-top property, personal backyard observatory, machine shop, digital photo processing, computer skills, ...)

Do you belong to any other astronomy-related organizations?


Feel free to make any additional comments:


By submitting this application, I understand that I am requesting membership in the Starlight Astronomy Club.  As a condition for membership, I agree to abide by the club's rules and By-Laws and to pay any outstanding annual dues, fees, and assessments to the Treasurer.


If you cannot attend a meeting in person, you may send your dues to the club Secretary/Treasurer at the following address:

                         Starlight Astronomy Club
                         c/o Diana Worley
                         702 Garden Street, Lakemont
                        Altoona, PA 16602