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It is the policy of this web site that the information collected on the Application for Membership will be forwarded to the club secretary for processing and will not be made available to non-members or distributed to third parties.

Member names and e-mail addresses are made available to all club members for the purpose of maintaining an active mailing list.

Applicants should understand that membership may entail association and eventual registration with local and national organizations which provide professional, legal, instructional, or other services and benefits to the club.

The webmaster, web host (Web Space Outlet), Internet service provider (Outdoors Unlimited), the Starlight Astronomy Club, its officers and members, agents and representatives cannot take responsibility for the security of personal information posted to this web and transmitted via e-mail to the extent that such information is not completely under our direct control while in transit.  If you have privacy concerns, you are welcome to print the application and submit it via U.S. mail.